Job offers

Job offers

CBlue keeps growing every year

We are frequently looking for new employees to complete our team.
Please feel free to read our job announcements below.

Systems Administrator

CBlue's infrastructure is constantly growing. We are actively looking for a network and Linux systems administrator to join our team. 

Your work environment will be the one of an operator with many upstreams and managing all of them through BGP links. You will work daily on an infrastructure composed of several hundreds of servers distributed on different datacenters. You will be part of our team of system engineers/administrators in order to ensure and maintain a high quality infrastructure for CBlue and its customers. Together, you will work on various problems reported by our monitoring tools or by our customers. 

Project Manager

We are looking for a person capable of managing the follow-up of the customers, the understanding of their needs, the retranscription of these in technical specifications, the follow-up during the development and the implementation of the specifications as well as the follow-up in post-production. All this to ensure that the project has been properly deployed and that the client is satisfied. You will be the privileged contact point for clients and will participate in the various follow-up meetings of their projects. You will also be involved in the writing of responses to calls for tenders that we are regularly called upon to work on.

We have many ideas to improve both our internal work and our services to customers: We need you!

Commercial Manager

We would like to benefit from the dynamism and passion of a business developer in order to expand our team and solidify our expertise already well established in Belgium and France.

With the technical support of the CBlue manager, your mission will consist in analyzing the market, detecting commercial opportunities, making the necessary contacts and concretizing these contacts during meetings planned for this purpose.


With our team, you will develop or adapt functionalities for OpenSource PHP/MySQL products (mainly Moodle™ project).

The developed products will be mainly used in the e-learning world. The development will be mainly done in "back-end" but you will be from time to time required to integrate the work of a graphic designer by adapting HTML/CSS code.

Thus, your role will allow you to have a complete view on the entire development cycle of the projects.

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Life at CBlue

Life at CBlue

At CBlue, we make it a priority to create a positive and enjoyable work environment.

It is very important to us that our employees feel at home when they come to work.
A human and challenging adventure awaits you!

In order to provide the best living conditions for our employees, we do not hesitate to shape our workplace so that it meets their expectations.


Julien, project manager at CBlue

I'm coming from a marketing background and an entrepreneurial exprience, I am also attracted by the internet world and the creation of web projetcs since my adolescence. The mix of these different elements is very useful to me and makes the function of project manager even more exciting. 

My days are punctuated by managing the implementation, progress and delivery of projects, which involves regular contact with clients, developers and systems administrators. This plurality of activities and social contacts makes my days unique, diversified and allows me to learn daily about this field that has no limits. 

Christophe, systems administrator at CBlue since April 2019

Being an enthusiast of the Linux universe and open-source tools for a few years and following my high school and bachelor course, I wanted to work in a company that used these resources as main tools. I was coming to the end of my High School studies and I knew I wanted to find a job in the field I liked, so I took a chance at CBlue when I saw the job description.

Working at CBlue is always exciting, no day is the same. I always have interesting work to do, whether it's a day watch or a "scheduled" day. During a day watch, I have to be attentive to the elements monitored by our systems in order to be able to react as quickly as possible if there is a problem. During these days, I also deal directly with the requests of the customers coming by e-mail or by telephone. So I am regularly in contact with different customers and I like that.
On a scheduled day, it's different: I'm assigned various short or long tasks during the day. The challenge here is to deal with more specific requests and/or projects of varying lengths.

The advantage of my job is that no two tasks are alike. Every day, I can learn more and solve new types of problems! It's fascinating!

Olivier, developer at CBlue since July 2015

I had just finished my master's degree in Computer Systems Architecture when CBlue hired me as an analyst-developer. Currently, I'm mainly involved in back-end development and I also take on the role of project manager for some of our clients.

What I particularly like about CBlue is the work environment that allows me to grow in the best conditions as well as the diversity of projects.

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