Content Delivery Network (CDN)


The Content Delivery Network is a group of servers located in different places and networked through the Internet. By choosing this network, your infrastructure is connected to many other servers. This is called a distribution system where the static content of your site is transmitted to mirror servers. Thus, when someone clicks on your website, the data corresponding to a user's request is routed to the appropriate mirror server to be displayed on the screen.

You are here because :

  • You already have a web product (website, application...).
  • Your website is slow.
  • The important number of visits and the volume of media (images, videos, scripts, CSS...) exceed your bandwidth capacities.
  • Your product faces unpredictable periods of affluence and conversely during slack periods.
  • The complete migration of the website to a more powerful infrastructure is not desired or possible.
  • You can't afford to have your site down.

What services do we offer ?

We host your web content on a high availability infrastructure.

Your content sent by secure FTP (FTPS) is automatically available on the whole infrastructure through its own specific URL: or

Several servers are interconnected in order to guarantee the infrastructure redundancy service in case of malfunction of one or more of them. The loss of a server does not impact, in any case, the availability of your service.

The infrastructure is subject to a precise monitoring and back-up systems.

Once the media has been sent and the links have been changed, you don't have to worry about it. We take care of the rest!

What do you have to do to implement the solution?

  • You need to send the media to an FTPs account, i.e. a restricted folder, or to an rsync account, i.e. a file synchronization software (only on request).
  • As well as modify the links to the media hosted on the CDN to include the address of the latter.

What guarantees?

  • Results

    We guarantee scalability by adding as many servers as necessary to assume a peak.

  • Engagement de service (SLA)

    We offer a Service Level Agreement of 99.9% monthly. Monthly downtime of more than 40 minutes will result in a refund from us.

  • Security

    We can secure your data with authentication tokens (this provides an extra level of security to access your data) and HTTPS access.

Our hosting and consulting terms and conditions apply. Feel free to consult them for more details: Conditions - CBlue

And technically?

Many software solutions are used to guarantee a complete service: Nginx, Apache, Varnish, Heartbeat, etc.

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