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Arnaud Ligot


Founder of CBlue and graduate of a Master in Computer Science at the University of Namur. Arnaud chose to lead his own team in 2007 using his knowledge and expertise of various technologies. Thanks to his experience, Arnaud is involved at all levels, from the first contact to the management of the team.

Thibaut Marchal

Operational Manager

Sarting as a designer, Thibaut has evolved over the years in various positions, enabling him to develop skills in several areas including communication, management, process management, team management and business development. Thanks to his various skills and experiences he joined the CBlue team in May 2022 as operational manager.

Noël Dieschburg

Systems engineer and project manager

User of Linux since the very beginning and graduated from the University of Namur with a Master's degree in Computer Science, Noël is the first computer engineer to have joined the company in 2008. While keeping a foot in system administration and infrastructure management, Noël manages R&D projects.

Julie De Maertelaere


Julie graduated with a master's degree in Public Relations and a master's degree in Labour Sciences in 2011, and has 11 years' experience in these fields. She joined our team in March 2023.

Lionel Benedetti

Systems administrator

Graduated from the Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons, Lionel is part of the team since April 2015. Passionate about his field, Lionel handles infrastructure and maintenance projects for CBlue and its customers.

Emmanuel Roger

Systems administrator

With many years of experience in systems administration and a particular expertise in networks, Emmanuel joined CBlue in June 2016. He is part of the team responsible for the installation and maintenance of CBlue's and our customers' infrastructure.

Christophe Gossiaux

Systems administrator

With a degree in Systems Informatics, Christophe joined the team in April 2019. He is a part of the team in charge of the installation and maintenance of CBlue's and our customers' infrastructures.

Olivier Piton

Back-end developer

With a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a master's degree in Computer Systems Architecture, Olivier has been working in the back-end development team since July 2015. He also regularly works as a project manager for some of our clients.

Quentin Moreaux

Front-end developer

A graduate of a DUT at the University of Dijon and of École 42, Quentin's arrival marked the opening of CBlue's Paris office in November 2017. Quentin is in charge of the front-end developments of the projects.

Renaud Lemaire

Back-end developer

Graduated in Business Informatics and with more than 10 years of experience as a Web Developer, Renaud came to reinforce the team in charge of project development and maintenance in September 2018. Although he is a developer, Renaud regularly takes on the role of project manager for several of our clients.

Amaury Mayard

Back-end developer

Freshly graduated from a BES Web Developer, Amaury joined the team in August 2021. His computer, digital and web development skills have enabled him to become a developer at CBlue.

Robby Delvaux

Back-end developer

Passionate about new technologies and eager to learn, Robby joined the team in August 2021. His various years of internships as well as his autonomous learning of computer codes allowed him to improve his digital skills in order to become a developer at CBlue.

Julien Bisiaux


Self-taught in web development for over a decade, Julien joined our team in September 2022. His passion for web development naturally led him to take on the role of Project Manager from August 2023.

Quentin Nicolay


A graduate of IESN Namur with a bachelor's degree in Business Informatics, Quentin has been working in the back-end development team since September 2022.

Steeve Henrard


Steeve is passionate about new technologies and eager to learn. He joined our team in July 2023. His passion for programming and desire to learn more strengthened his web development skills, which naturally led him to become a developer at CBlue.

Umar Zahid


Graduating as a Web Developer with a BES in 2019, Umar joined our team in August 2023. His background and interest in web development make him a valuable asset to our team.

Lyna Tilman


A self-taught development analyst with 10 years' experience, Lyna joined our team in October 2023.

Guillaume Normand


A self-taught web developer with twenty years' experience, Guillaume joined the back-end team in mid-November 2023.

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